About Us

Savitch Agency was founded in 1946 by Herbert J. Savitch to provide life and disability income coverage for clients in Broome County and adjacent areas. The Agency has significantly grown under the leadership of Brian S. Savitch, CLU into a full service insurance organization providing not only life and disability income coverage, but also personal automobile and homeowners and a full range of business insurance contracts and services.  James H. Savitch is the third generation to continue Savitch Agency’s philosophy of "value-added service" that was begun by his grandfather and carried on by his father.

Today, Savitch Agency serves more than 1,500 clients, representing individuals and families, physicians, dentists, lawyers, accountants and other businesses throughout our local area and nationwide.  They are especially proud to be the Endorsed Administrator for the disability income and long term care insurance programs sponsored by the Broome County and Sixth District Medical Societies, which together serve over 900 members.